Skinny J got his start in radio doing research and development for Clear Channel Communications in 1990. In 1993 he returned to the northeast and landed his first on air gig at WNJC. After returning to Louisville in 2000, Skinny J went to work for Metro Networks doing news and traffic reports for 10 different radio and TV stations including WLRS 105.1 on McGregor's New Rock Morning show. In 2003 he was hired full time at WLRS as promotions director with a weekend shift. Skinny quickly moved from weekends to middays where he stayed until 2005 when he took over the New Rock Morning Show. He was the last voice heard on the old WLRS 105.1 before they flipped the format in 2008. His passion for LRS and Louisville lead him to relaunch LRS as a digital radio station and anchor the team with the return of the New Rock Morning show!


Chris McGill has spent his entire adult life in the broadcasting industry. Launching his radio career at the age of 15!  Upon graduating from Central High in Louisville and attending classes at Western Kentucky University, University of Louisville & Jefferson Community College, Chris went on to work full time at such radio stations as WLRS, WQMF, WHAS and more. In the early ’90s, Chris moved to airborne traffic reporting for Skyview Traffic which provided reports for most Louisville radio stations. Skyview eventually became ‘Metro Traffic’ where Chris remained Market Manager until 2000 when he was hired by Clear Channel Radio (iHeart) to manage their ‘Total Traffic Network’ in Louisville and several other major cities.  In 2007 Chris made the move to television as traffic anchor for WAVE-TV which eventually lead to him being an Emmy nominated full-time news reporter and anchor until June of 2016. That’s when Chris left TV News to operate McGill Media Productions full-time. We are proud to have Chris return to his radio roots with Louisville's Rock Stream!


Local musician, show promoter, and radio personality, Hippyhead has been involved in the Louisville music community for over 10 years. His love of music and joining local musicians together is what helped to create Hippyhead’s Showcase. From 2007 to 2013 he showcased 4-5 local bands every Saturday night at various venues throughout the city.  In 2011, he was given an opportunity to become a radio DJ on a new internet station devoted solely to local bands and artists. A few years, the station became a low-powered FM station WCHQ 100.9 FM. Hippyhead’s Spotlight ran for 6 years. During this period, he conducted interviews with local artists, bands would perform live, and play the best of local music. With the return of the Walrus, he’s excited to be apart of Louisville’s legendary rock station and to be able to connect with all of the rock/metal/punk community and bring us all together on LRS102.COM……….ROCK!!!

Simon "Huge Rod" Robson is a radio professional with over 30 years of on air experience, Since the 70s he has dedicated himself to the preservation of the television show The Partridge Family. He has a whole room in his house that features nothing but PF memorabilia. There is even a constant loop video of season one, episode 17, the one where Laurie gets her braces and a pre Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill guests. Huge Rod woke up in love this morning and wants you to c'mon, get happy.


Nubbins Saint Nubbins wasn't born, he was spawned from from some unknown energy that seems to fuel the Rock n Roll industry still to this day. That invisible force and power has forged many characters that you still are familiar with today. The Blues Brothers, Hee Haw, Johnny Carson, and Donald Trump. These are not humans, but immortal entities here to make sure you are entertained. Nubbins nearly died in 2008 after LRS 104.3/105.1 was shut down. He tried a stunt no one had ever tried at that point. He filled a bathtub full of Dr Pepper and tried to drink his way out. He nearly drowned. Nubbins has basically been waiting for LRS to come back around because he really has nothing else in his life. His alter ego Jason Karsner from Halfway Hollow on the other hand is very successful. He is currently a Senior Event Manager at the KY Expo Center. Has a beautiful wife and 2 very amazing little boys. Nubbins could learn a lot from Jason... he just doesn’t care. Nubbins loves new rock and can’t wait to play it for you. Tell Nubbins what you want to hear, hit him up at

AllyBB (or just plain old Ally) has been in and around the music business since birth. Her avid music-loving parents took her to concerts even in the womb. She has worked in multiple aspects of the industry including promotions, marketing, distribution and graphic design for bands since the internet was born. She has travelled far and wide to see her favorite bands, including a hop, skip and a jump across the pond just for one night. Eventhough she’s never been behind the mic the walrus believed she could, and PopRox was born.

She hosts PopRox on Sundays from 12p-2p with her bestie of all the restie miss MandyLou. If you still ache for 2000s emo, pop punk and good ole pop rock listen in for all that poppy goodness!