LRS 102.3 was the first stand alone FM station in the Louisville market, launching back in 1964. LRS stood for Louisville's Radio School and they taught people how to engineer FM radio. By the 1970’s it had become the rocking Walrus we all know and love! It left 102.3 and moved to 105.1 at the end of the 90’s. Then sadly in 2008, the Walrus was officially killed off on Oct 13, (Black Monday).


That was the end of the story....until now


LRS 102, The Walrus was more than just a radio station though, it was a face for the community with the legendary Bridging the Gap campaign and work with the Crusade for Children. LRS was also always involved in The Kentucky Derby Festival and hosted many events with Special Olympics KY. LRS was always leading the way in Louisville and we intend to do so once again!


LRS 102.com the Walrus ~ Louisville’s Rock Stream!

We will be broadcasting live and local from the Launch Louisville Studio starting Feb 20 2019!